Spooky Scary Halloween in NOLA

Okay, I'm a little late posting these photos, but better late than never! Last October I grabbed my girls and headed south for Halloween. It was my first time in New Orleans which was perfect for ghost hunting and all things witchy.  I was going to dress as Alice Cooper, but the humidity told me I was going as American Apparel bunny. Anyway, because we ended up leaving Detroit (and Portland) a day early, we crashed on Bourbon Street, which is a god damn nightmare and if you have a bubble like me, I would suggest NEVER stepping foot, unless you plan on paying a visit to A Gallery for Fine Photography. Original prints by Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Joel-Peter Witkin and so many more fill the walls and the curator is an absolute angel. For the remainder of the weekend we stayed on Dauphine Street at the Claiborne Mansion, where my girl Cleo hooked it up. Only minutes from Frenchman Street, we had the best of both worlds: a quiet court yard and a major party scene. The entire weekend we had blue skies until around 7 p.m. Halloween night. Did that stop anyone? NOPE. It was a total shit show and we were soaked, loving every second.