Kumbasari Market, Denpasar

Yesterday my uncle's girlfriend Silvyie and I braved the gridlock Denpasar traffic and headed to the market. I've never seen so much color and chaos on one street. There was a small tent where the Balinese and Javanese sold all kinds of floral pedals, rice, fruit, eggs (yes, eggs), etc. to craft ceremonial offerings. What's the difference? The Balinese throw things at you should you try and snap a pic; the Javanese won't leave you alone until you take their portraits with friends and strange fruits. Anyway...behind the small tent was a massive 10-story building with thousands of vendors hiding inside rows of 10 ft cubbies selling odds and ends for 2,000 IDR, aka nearly nothing. I lasted about 15 minutes and got the hell out. Beneath the exit was the fish market. Imagine walking through two-inch fish-water puddles where flies are trying to nest inside your wounded foot (that's a story for another day). Once we finished exploring, we stopped into this hole-in-the-wall Chinese spot and grabbed some coconut water and agave dessert. It was perfect for escaping the firey Indonesian heat. Oh Bali, you sure can be beautiful...but you're far from heaven.